2 unrelated things but still a bit

So first here’s another peak at the watch packaging , as it says on the Vannen site : 

Time Machine artist watch is limited to 150 pieces worldwide, retails for $85 and comes with signed and numbered packaging… plus a FREE digital download of the Malevolent Melody EP from the Dead Pirates. Time Machine hits March 25th and will be available at here vannenwatches.com and select retailers around the globe.

and also on thursday , I’ll probably be wearing the watch and I’ll be drawing live on the mega dunny at the Kidrobot store in London UK as it says on the Kidrobot  site :

2Tone DUNNY artist, mcbess will be exhibiting his fine illustration skills for a live painting event at Kidrobot London on Thursday, March 17. Join us from 6-8pm as the French illustrator works his magic on an 18-inch MEGA MUNNY right before your eyes. There will be snacks and drinks provided.

See I’ve got fine illustration skills and also some magic and snacks , amazing .