I got the chance to do an exhibition in hanover this week end with my friends from art bastard at the nice nice gallery , mooe came all the way from californie just to help me  and enjoy the german art of welcoming people , I had  the best time even if some fart-face stole my beard , I had lots of german beer , actually hanover beer , wich was pretty good . The exhibition will last 6 weeks , If I’m correct or if you prefer if I’m not incorrect , anyway you can check it out on the nice nice gallery website and maybe you can buy some of it if you’re not close to your money . So thanks for everything , and say hi to your mom and dad .

you can buy the prints left from the show HERE , just in case you’re wondering , the prints that I do are printed  to a really small number , from 2 to 5 times for most of them and I did some 50 numbered editions for “ le jardin ” “deadrusses” & “ the desk ” , I hate large number of prints because it loses it’s sentimental value and I love feelings  and shit .