Malevolent Melody BOOK coming out next week

Here’s the reason why I haven’t been showing much of my skin lately , 6 month ago Nobrow asked me to do a comic and they came up with  that brilliant idea , a book ( yup brilliant , very original …) , but hey ! not just a book , it’s a book and record at the same time . The book is about a guy who got amnesia and goes on a journey to find out who he is . There’s 22 pages of illustrations and a vinyl record  with  2 song about the story that I've  recorded with the dead pirates . It’s coming out next thursday ( 19th nov) at the Concrete Hermit where I’m currently showing my work . Now I know you ladies are getting wet and the guys are probably trying to hid that huge boner , but it’s normal reaction when you’ve got that much awesomeness before your eyes .