Nobrow just released a book with a most of the stuff I’ve done for the last 3 years, it’s called BIG MOTHER, it’s big, an A3 format ( wich is doesn’t make any sens in the USA, it’s about 5 feet high) and it’s limited to 2000copies .You can get it for 20.5€/18£/30$  from HERE :

The tattoos in the the next picture were done by Thomas Hooper, I’ll make a post about them very soon .


here’s the cover I did for NOBROW 4 , biggest piece I’ve ever done , so painful my penis was bleeding sperm , the theme is Night and Day and it’s full of very pretty drawings , some in black and white and some in fluo colors from amazing artists , I think I’m not mistaken when I say that every participant of this book drew completely naked . Anyway it’s a beautiful object and you should just get it for the sake of your children .

for those of you who want to see more details here’s a link for you but know that you can’t see all the details and insults that I planted in without getting the printed version eheh , here you go the BIG ASS MOTHER FUCKING IMAGE 

nice to be back